Who Is Chi?

Chi Dang

Chi Dang

Hola amigos!

Just kidding! I only speak Vietnamese and English.

Who Am I?

My name is Minh Chi, but you can call me Chi.

Student, writer, speaker, ass kicker.

Harvard undergrad.

I dream big (don’ t judge ^-^), but I realize everything big must starts small, sometimes VERY small.

I enjoy the arts, love nature and seek adventures.

What you hope to achieve in this blog?

This blog is for me to reach out to you. Yes, YOU!

A student like me, just hoping to get into your dream colleges.

A parent, just wishing the best for your child’s education.

Why Harvard?

Harvard University has long been my dream school, and it is very fortunate that I got accepted to their Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree program.

My journey as a Harvard undergrad is just a beginning of an adventure.

Million dollar question: How did I manage to get into Harvard?

As I said, adventure seeking is one of my thrills, so it’s not surprising that I got out of my

comfort zone and started taking on opportunities. Sometimes, chances only come once.

I also seek guidance from excellent coaches and experts, who have been there for me to support my journey.

Where to Reach Me?

If you are keen to understand how to get help for getting into Harvard, receive personal advice from me or my coaches, please contact me via my posts or email me at BeLikeChi@Outlook.com

I will be happy to share with you when my time allows. 

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